Thursday, 29 March 2012

Good Karma

A dear friend of mine visited me at CHALK last week to do some shopping which was very lovely of her as she lives on the other side of town.  She was after some windcheaters for her son and as we received a delivery of boys clothes after her visit I took a couple of items with me when I went to her place for bookgroup on Tuesday night.  She kept the items to try on her son and said her husband would courier  back the items she didn't want. 
Well............she did indeed do as she said but when I opened the box her husband had added a little something......

How thrilled was I.  He works for MARS and I guess that's how they pad their deliveries over there.  Now comes the difficult decision of deciding what to crack open first.  (Did anyone else know they made HONEYCOMB PODS!!!!)

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