Tuesday, 20 March 2012

1/1 Design - Artistic Upcycling

The fabulously talented James Simpson from 1/1Design has put together a collection of lamps that have me drooling with desire.  James is dedicated to creating functional art and design from recycled materials, leaving a minimal carbon footprint on this planet, to this end you will find amazing components in his artwork that constantly surprise and delight - take the 'Aki' lamp for example....the base is made from the disc brake of a Ford Laser! 

Drop by and have a look - You can find James on Facebook  or at his Website,

I will be furiously squirreling away my pennies as I have the perfect spot in mind for my own 1/1 lamp.  We even have some bizarre objects Surfer Boy has collected over the years that I'm sure James could incorporate into something amazing.


Anonymous said...

Amazing - Love them. will definitely be having a look.

Katie D said...

Thanks for sharing this. It's nice to hear about artists doing amazing things.

Tarrysaser said...

Is this "the" James Simpson?

Robyn Stewardson -- Focus on Art said...

Saw James in person at Rose St Artists' Market yesterday. He's got fabulous stuff.