Saturday, 3 March 2012

Reno Update - The Studio

After much clambering and hauling we made it up the 'invisible' staircase to the new studio.  As this is my baby I have been dying to get up here to see what it is like.  After living on this block for 11 years it is so bizarre to be up this high and looking at our block and street from this viewpoint. 

Needless to say Moondoggie was pretty happy with the new room and still does not believe me when I tell him this room is ONLY FOR ME!!!  He thinks I am joking - boy is he going to get a rude shock!

Look at our poor sad driveway - with the amount of rain Victoria has had lately this is only going to get worse.  Who knows where the concrete has gone? Maybe it is somewhere under all that mud.

The downstairs rooms are starting to take shape now that the majority of the roof trusses are on.

Looking from the Studio down in to the dining room - We had plans for this roof to be a large deck out from the Studio but had to shelve the idea due to budget restrictions, which is a shame as we can now see what a great space it would have been.  Hopefully down the track we will be able to look at it again.
Now if the weather would just improve.... apparently power tools don't work well in the rain.  Who would have thought.

4 comments: said...

Too exciting! Loving your/our room! Childproof locks?

Tarrysaser said...

Enthusiastically stomped up the drive in my very expensive Italian sandals and promptly sank to my ankles in mud! Cleaning bill in the mail.

Tarrysaser said...

Very exciting! Looks so big! Maybe we could move in upstairs!

Lizeylou said...

Thats seriously cool .... I think when I come for a sleepover that is where I want to be!!