Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Secret Stash

These aren't really out in the shop yet but if you ask Mick very nicely I'm sure he'll get them for you. They are hiding in our secret stash and I think they're a ripper. This may have something to do with finding out yesterday that my cowboy boots are on their way from America, or just 'cause I'm a sucker for a girl in a cowboy hat.

If you look closely you'll notice they are Rip Curl hats. We have been lucky enough to order a small range from them this season (due to friends in high places) and I think we're the only kids boutique doing them. Usually Rip Curl is the domain of the surf shops but this year we'll have boardies, tees, and accessories to show you.

1 comment:

Ally said...

Do they come in adults sizes??? They would be perfect for when I go Bootscooting .....