Saturday, 7 July 2007

A Big Stars Hollow Thankyou

To those of you who rang me today and asked for Lorelai Gilmore I say a big thank you. It put a huge smile on my face!
And to Alison I say - check your kitchen...I'm sure that's Luke!!

I think I have just found a new (and very useful) skill. I think I can find a 'Gilmore Girls' link for nearly every aspect of my life.

Umm... it was freezing today and I wore my blue puffy jacket to work (this is true)

In fact it was so cold it snowed in Yarraville and I stood outside the shop and watched the pretty flakes (this is not true)

Tomorrow I am going to play glof with my Dad (also not true)

See what I mean!

1 comment:

Sue J said...

Wow that is fantastic - I think I can do that with 'Veronica Mars'. I'll have to try it.