Thursday, 19 July 2007

Jeez snow is cold!

Well we finally made it to the snow..well we made it to the mountain where there was NO SNOW, it all having melted in the rain! The lovely man at the Mt Dandenong lookout said
"You should have been here yesterday - there was heaps of snow". Yeah good on ya!

Much discouraged and cursing the poor man under my breath I turned the car around and started heading back down the mountain. The kids were flabbergasted. All this way and NO SNOW.

The day, and my temper were saved by a gorgeous (nearly missed it) patch of forgotten snow just off the roadside in the national park! Out we tumbled and had a good hours fun in the snow.

It really is gorgeous - I was as thrilled as the kids and we all got sopping wet, freezing cold and ravenous. Time to head back to Olinda for a cozy lunch at 'Noel's'. Just perfect - steaming mug of tea, roaring fire, lollipops and sticky date pud. Perfect day.

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