Friday, 15 June 2007

Famous Blue Raincoat

I get very excited these days by the simplest things! This month I've discovered my new favourite place to hang out.

When getting out of the house for an hour is mandatory and there are only so many times you can cope with freezing your arse off at the park.. where else could be better than a warm and welcoming cafe? My problem has always been the issue of 'allowed number of visits per day'. I have realised that if you go to the same cafe all the time then the staff quickly become aware that you have been 3 times in a day.... therefore you need to spread yourself around so no one knows exactly how often you drag your kids to cafes.

As far as Ian and Matt at 'Le Chien' know I am only there every other day....

Here is Matt after discovering my secret

Now that I can add The Famous Blue Raincoat to my list I am pretty much set and can roll from one to another, to another with no one (including hubby) being any the wiser! Clever aren't I!

The Famous Blue Raincoat


Tony said...

Shhhhhh Jenny, Don't let people know. The Famous Blue Raincoat is s treasure we locals don't want over run!

Ally said...

I can't believe you havne't been to Famous Blue Raincoat before!!! I discovered it awhile back and once you work out where it is it's worth the drive.But do you have your own mug there????