Monday, 2 May 2011

Two Cakes For The Windsors

There were two amazing cakes at Will and Kate's wedding and while I quite frankly hate cooking, I love eating and I particularly like eating cake, and even more particularly cake that is pretty!  Just one more reason I wish I had been invited.

The groom's cake was based on a recipe featuring digestive biscuits that William enjoyed as a child. 

As for the more formal of the two, the fruit cake was conceived by Kate and features an English floral theme, with each of the 17 frosting flowers representing a special quality of the marriage.
• White rose—national symbol of England
• Daffodil—national symbol of Wales, new beginnings
• Shamrock—national symbol of Ireland
• Thistle—national symbol of Scotland
• Acorns, Oak Leaf—strength, endurance
• Myrtle—love
• Ivy—wedded love, marriage
• Lily of the Valley—sweetness, humility
• Rose (Bridal)—happiness, love
• Sweet William (how cute is that)
• Honeysuckle—the bond of love
• Apple Blossom—preference, good fortune
• White Heather—protection, wishes will come true
• White Jasmine—amiability
• Daisy—innocence, beauty, simplicity
• Orange Blossom—marriage, eternal love, fruitfulness
• Lavender—ardent attachment, devotion, success and luck

This cake is an absolute work of art and I love the thought and love that was put into the designing and choosing of both these cakes. 

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audrey little said...

Thankyou for sharing more amazing details of the wedding. After the kiss on the balcony, I haven't seen any footage & frustratingly every time I catch a glimpse of Will & Kate on TV / a fight breaks out at my house over easter eggs, barbie dolls or zu zu pets.

Apparently Pippa is as famous as Kate. Both are Fabulous.