Friday, 18 May 2007

Urban Girl In More Ways Than One!

The quilts are done, James has taken Ben to the park, Emma is at Kinder, so I am free to indulge in a bit of KEITH therapy!!!

For those who are lucky enough to have experienced my obsession with Mr Urban over the last few years it will come as no surprise that with 7 hours to go until the Melbourne concert I am in full boot scooting, guitar picking, yee haaing glory. My so-called friends think it is hysterical, although not surprising, that I could find no one to come to the concert with me. So I'm off for my first solo concert experience! This is probably just as well as even I am anticipating my being very embarrassing.

For a city bred girl I have always had a secret love of all things country - for that I am blaming my Dad's Glen Campbell, John Denver collection. Tammy, Dolly and Patsy have always held a secret spot in my heart and I guess now that I'm in my 30's I'm more able to handle the mocking and taunting that goes with the territory.

I fully intend to come home with every single item in the merchandise stand just to annoy everyone. The next time you pop into the shop you will no doubt find me wearing my Keith Urban tee and sipping from my 'I LOVE KEITH' mug.


Ally said...

Love the Blog!!! It's up there with Ebay entertainment

Ally said...

That's better,love the colour,very chalk!!!