Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Tantrums and Decisions

Today started badly but ended exceptionally well.

If you were at my local shopping centre this morning at approximately 10.00am you would have been witness to the mother of all hissy fits thrown by my normally angelic 3 year old. We were having a lovely browse in the children's section of Borders when I heard my daughter utter the fatal words... "Look Ben, a Power Ranges video!" Well that was all it took. As soon as I told him,very sympathetically, that we couldn't buy it, all hell broke loose! Needless to say I immediately vacated Borders to the staff's relief, and spent the next 2 HOURS with B. lying on the floor in the hall screaming and thrashing around like that poor, yet oh so creepy, Exorcist girl!
Luckily just prior to my having a hissy fit myself, some divine being flipped the switch and Mr Schizophrenia (as we now refer to him) came good and wondered off to play with the cat and be cute. He had a delightful afternoon but I was completely wrung out.

Needless to say when J. arrived home from work at 4.00pm I related the events of the day and then informed him that I had to leave to go to the Prep Info Evening at the local school. Knowing that this started at 7.00pm he was a little bemused but agreed cheerfully and sent me on my way.

This is where I ended up -

I spent a very cathartic 2 hours wondering around my local bookshop and drinking tea. This set me up nicely for what turned out to be the highlight of the day. Information Night!

In my area we are lucky enough to have 3 or 4 really great state primary schools and over the last few weeks all the prospective prep parents have been doing the rounds. I had pretty much decided on the school E. was going to but after a few visits I found that the school I felt most comfortable with was not the school I had chosen! This threw me into a bit of a spin as I could not quite get me head around the change. One thing I tell anyone who asks for my professional opinion on choosing schools is to go with your gut instinct. My gut was telling me to choose 'School B' over the original choice of "School A". Tonight saw me back at 'B' and I had the overwhelming feeling that this school was right for us. I was so excited as the decision was now so easy.

I'm so thrilled and can't wait to enrol E. first thing tomorrow.

This is the way I should hope everyone feels about their choice of school. No matter what they do or don't offer, ultimately you have to feel good deep in your gut that this school is right. The rest is gravy.


Anonymous said...

So I was just reading your blog (old entries obviously because i am seriously avoiding the millions of things on my agenda!!) and i read your post about finding 3 children all go to the school that you have chosen (I think- is it the website adress??!)
All I can tell you is it is a beautiful,nurturing,creative school with seriously dedicated teachers and great parents....My eldest is in grade 4 and my bubba is in prep....small world have made a great choice!!Lou

Emma Wilson said...

Gut feelings during school tours are usually so right - I have a similar story to why I picked one school over an other one - it was all about how I felt during the tour