Saturday, 5 May 2007

The Changing Face Of Friendship

There is nothing better than rediscovering an acquaintance and realising they are now a friend! This week an ex student of mine got in contact with me and subsequently has made my week.

As a teacher you often come across kids that you wish you could know as an adult just to see if they lived up to the potential you could see in them. You rarely get this opportunity as a primary teacher. Your grade 3 teacher is hardly on the Christmas card list for very long. The reality is that time moves very differently for an 8 year old, a year seems to last forever, whereas we teachers remember these special kids long after we are a vague memory they drag up from the deep recesses. You can imagine my delight when this week brought back just such a one!

The greatest thing is that after 7 years a shift has taken place and I am now meeting the adult version. The gap has narrowed, the dynamic has changed and the potential for real friendship is now there. This is one of the greatest joys of teaching, discovering kindred spirits across generations.

Mind you, just in case he's reading this, he's also still a ratbag. (Thank god)

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