Friday, 17 February 2012


I'd like to introduce you to our steel doors (this is actually one of the windows)  This was the first thing I wanted in the new house and much of the planning for the interior revolved around them. We did without a few things in order to be able to get these beauties and now they are made and safely onsite - poor Surfer Boy now needs to work out how to install them.  In fact this photo was taken while he was doing exactly that - contemplating.  There are two panels like this one which will sit either side of doors in the same style.  They will take up residence leading from the dining Room to the deck and another set of doors will lead from the Living Room to the other side of the deck - that's the plan so stay tuned to see how it goes.


 All the windows have been delivered now and S.B. is undercoating them prior to installation which is rather proactive of him.
(Double hung sash windows for the front of the extension, up and down - opaque windows for upstairs.)


Surfer Boy trying out the window in the toilet..... and yes, it fits.


Tarrysaser said...

Can't keep up with the pace of this Reno! Doors and windows look fab. Roll on June when we will see the finished product!

Lizeylou said...

Love those window/doors.
Cant wait to sit and have a cuppa with you and look out of them - its getting exciting!