Friday, 17 February 2012

Moving On Up!

After weeks of boring stuff like plumbing and welding we had something worth showing you.  We now have a second story.  Within one day we had flooring down upstairs and the framing went up like a house of cards.  Apparently there is a fabulous view of the city of Melbourne from up there but as there is as yet no staircase I decided not to scale the walls to confirm - besides I was wearing a maxi dress which is not ideal for that kind of activity.

As you can see the roof trusses are lying on the ground and I'm assuming it won't be long until they are up as well which will make the whole house look very different - at the moment the extension looks boxy and modern but it will in fact be in keeping with the style of the original with a pitched roof.

This is taken from the original part of the house looking towards the stairwell and living room on the right.

This is in the opposite direction looking back at the original, through the stairs.

Here I am standing in what will be the dining room looking through the, as yet imaginary, double doors to the living room and Surfer Boy's shed.

And finally from the same spot but looking at what will be the kitchen, laundry and WC.

Maybe this will actually happen and one day we may even move back in... it's starting to get exciting now.


Catherine said...

Wow! Looks awesome. You must all be so excited!

Cathy said...

Very exciting! It's all starting to take shape :)