Thursday, 27 October 2011

Reno Update

Surfer Boy has been heading over the house every couple of days while I have been quite happy to leave the builders to it  - I mean, seriously, there is only so much to gaze at when your block is a mud pit and it's actually quite depressing as naturally my front garden, my lovely garden, is slowly going back to nature.  I hate to think how long it is going to take me to get my front grass back to it's former glory.  Not only is the caravan squashed on to the front lawn but there is also a port-a-loo and a power pole at my front door.

I did drop by yesterday to check for mail and surprisingly there was something new to photograph - it's not much to look at but those brick thingies are the foundation of our new house and the shed not only has a slab floor but there is TIMBER!  There is actually something in 3D which is actually a bit thrilling.

I am a little concerned that Surfer Boy has instructed the builders to build the shed first in case the money dries up.  He assures me it is so he can use it to build the cabinetry for the house but I have my suspicions.

This last picture shows the original lining boards that we are contemplating salvaging for the dining room...  we'll see how they look once we sand them back. 

So there you go!  Fascinating isn't it.  Stay tuned, hopefully the next update will show some house progress rather than just shed.

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Cathy said...

haha love the "building the shed first" logic! But in all seriousness, how exciting!