Monday, 17 October 2011

Lining Boards

Our bathroom walls were the original lining boards, not dissimilar to the above photo, and we were quite sad to loose them when that part of the house was demolished.  We did discover that underneath the plaster in the kitchen were more lining boards so we have decided to salvage them (as we like to do) and use them in our new dining room. 
We have a long blank wall running down one side of the dining room and although I have toyed with wallpaper options, I think we are now going to use the recycled lining boards.


We'll put them up in their current state (see above) and if we aren't happy with the result we will slather them in white paint.  I really hope  we don't have to paint them as I think they'll add warmth and texture to that space.



 Living etc Jan 2011
Living etc Jan 2011


Lizeylou said...

That will look amazing .... and surely Surfer Boy can make them look great so that you dont have to paint them!!

Kell said...

As E said, if Surfer boy can restore a caravan that most of us would have walked away from, I am sure he can make your boards look fabulous.
PS Love the bed in the last pic. x

Lesley said...

love that look