Thursday, 6 March 2008

What Will Baby Do??

I have only just heard that Patrick Swayze is undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer!

Here's hoping that 'Johnny Castle' has many more dancing days ahead of


h&b said...

I've never seen "Dirty Dancing" !

Cathy said...

i was gobsmacked when i heard this news~! although an official press release from his rep has said that the prognosis is better than has been reported and that they are optimistic... hope so!

and h&b, what do you mean you have never seen dirty dancing???????? go rent yourself a copy NOW!! it's a classic!!

h&b said...

I know !

I have a feeling I missed the boat though, and if I watch it now i'll find it "naff" instead of swoony and nostalgic.

Then again, I only saw E.T. for the first time a few years ago, and *loved* it....