Thursday, 19 January 2012

Peeping In - Amy Butler

I've been needing to get the taste of Melissa Gilbert's house out of my mouth so I thought who better to counteract M.G's design style than .... Amy Butler.
Amy and her husband David live in Granville, Ohio - America's mid-west and their home is an absolute treat. 



I have been a long time lover of Amy's fabric designs and can spend hours scrolling through her design images wishing I had somewhere to put a little piece of everything.  As a fabric designer, there is none better in my opinion and Amy and David's home beautifully reflects her design style.

Most of these images are courtesy of Apartment Therapy with some from flikr thrown in.

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Kell said...

Thanks Jen for saving my eyes from that hideous previous peeping in post. I thought that perhaps you had a brain fart (sorry) and had lost your taste in the process. So happy to see that good taste prevails. xx