Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tapware Decisions

Surfer Boy took the day off yesterday so we could do some hunting together.  We had an appointment with the boys making our steel doors and we thought we may as well try and cross some other things off our 'to do' list.  This is where we ended up...  the first MASTERS hardware store.  turns out it is not that far from us and as we drove in to the carpark we knew we had found our new spiritual home....

It had absolutely everything, including a McCafe and racks of magazines! 

We managed to chose our bath, toilets, and tapware all in the one place which was fabulous and we left an hour later feeling very pleased with ourselves.
Excuse the dreadful snaps but here are a couple of our picks.

Bath taps

Laundry taps

Shower head

Everything was very reasonably priced so I am hoping that any money we saved can go towards my gorgeous bridge tap for the kitchen.  Fingers crossed.

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