Friday, 1 April 2011

Scared Weird Little Guys

Tonight Surfer Boy and I are actually going out TOGETHER!  We usually find that these days we end up going to things individually so someone is home with the kids but tonight we get to actually go on a date.
Our lovely (and hilarious) friend Rusty has invited us to see his final show at The Atheaneum Theatre.  Rusty is one half of the 'Scardies' who are performing their final tour after 21 years and four and a half thousand shows together! 
Enough Already is their farewell tour and I'm so rapt that we get to see it.

'I'll leave your names at the door'  Who doesn't want to hear that every now and then?

Post Script - We just got home and I can honestly say we have not had that much fun in a long long time.  The boys were in fantastic form and were hilarious.  They will be sorely missed.  You must see them if you can!


Chit-Chat said...

what does 396,086 396,087 v stand for?

Cool Rider said...

number of visitors.